• Property Sourcing

  • Property Sourcing

Finding the right investment property is a crucial stage of any property investment. “You make your money when you buy” is a common philosophy.

Our BMV discounts typically range between 15% & 25%, with slightly different rates for London, and a fee of only 3% paid on completion. This makes us one of the best placed sourcing companies with some of the lowest fees on the market.

Property Sourcing : Invest in your own BMV property with your capital . Below Market Value property is our game and if you are looking to increase your passive income and asset portfolio then this is right for you. We source properties for our clients in London, the South East , Wales and beyond and we will always ensure you get a property which fits your criteria.

Our aim is to work with you as a client investor, assess what you are looking for, establish what returns you fit with your criteria and get to work. We source properties up to 25% BMV with the aim to pull out most of your capital employed and giving you a monthly passive income of between 4-14%. Depending on location of property. Note: London/South of England yields are typically a lot lower than the rest of the country.

What’s more we have specialist teams able to refurbish your property and letting agents ready to market your property meaning the whole process is as simple and pain free as possible. Please call to find out more.

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