• Property Investment

When looking at an investment opportunity, an astute investor looks for two things; security over their money, and a strong return on investment- how hard their money is working for them. In our view, investment in property has both of these in abundance, making it the ideal asset for today’s modern investor.

With security over the property purchased, and returns netting around 20% per annum, Auxilium Homes property investments are market leaders in the field. We invest in UK opportunities, and draw on our wide network of contacts to make our deals stand-out amongst the crowd. 

Invest a cash lump sum with returns of up to 12% per annum v the high street banks rate of between 1.35-2%.

At Auxilium Homes, we will  find out exactly what the investor is looking for and match them with an educated property investor looking for a cash injection to grow their portfolio. The investor can get security over their investment meaning it’s a great way for both parties to benefit from this transaction in a safe and secure way. Very popular with people looking for a hands-off investment as capital is depreciating in the banks at a rate of 3% per annum. Please call to find out more.